Business Planning Level II: Agri-Food Business

Business Planning Level II

Whether as start-up or a strong, successful international firm, a strong business plan is crucial to the success of your business. The art and science of preparing a business plan is broken down into its key components. The course explores the importance and effect of a strong business plan. Ideal businesses to take this course must be: 2+ years in business, in the Agri-Foods Industry and in growth mode. By the end of this course, the participant will learn the critical components of the Business Plan: Purpose and End Goals, Industry and Market Research, Management and Operational Plan, Financial Management and Risk Understanding. The participant will walk away with a business template and a stronger understanding of how to build their own business plan. Course will be in a classroom setting.


Course Modules


  1. Module One: Business Purpose and End Goals                                              1 hour


  1. Module Two: Industry and Market Research                                                    1 hour


  1. Module Three: Management and Operational Plan                                             1 hour


  1. Module Four: Financial Management                                                               1 hour


  1. Module Five: Risk Understanding                                                                   1 hour

Assessment Method

Participants will be assessed as follows:

  • In Class Participation
  • Review of concepts during in-class activities
  • Review of plan – outside of the classroom setting

Total Training Hours

  • Total training hours: 8

Maximum participants: 12 participants


Delivery Method

  • Classroom

Total Training Duration/Length

  • Total in-class sessions: One

On-on-One training sessions post classroom session (within three months of training): 3 sessions

Implementation of what they have learned in classroom training to their business



Total Cost of Program:

$1,500 plus GST


  • Travel – for follow up with participants are not included


Vancouver, Langley, Abbotsford




Instructor Bio


Rita Kim is financial industry specialist with a passion for service and a keen eye for the details that can make or break a growing business.  With a 20+ year background in entrepreneurship and working with both traditional and non-traditional lending institutions, Rita can teach you and your team the very risk assessment strategies that financial institutions use to analyze an organization’s potential for success.  In doing so, she can help you understand your financial position to make powerful, knowledge-based decisions, assess and mitigate risk, and secure the financing and key partnerships you need to grow and flourish in today’s highly competitive business climate.


With over two decades building connections in the world of business and finance, working with over 10,000 businesses, running over 100+ workshops, as well as being a certified trainer and facilitator, Rita is uniquely qualified to help in all of these respects. In the process, Partners for Growth will assess, educate, and empower its clients and their businesses: a threefold method for mitigating risk, maximizing profits, and maintaining long-term success.


Rita has also cultivated a particularly fruitful relationship with the Agri-Food sector.  As a vetted consultant with the Ministry of Agriculture, Partners for Growth’s assistance can be subsidized by the Growing Forward 2 Grant, for food processors and producers. She also facilitates Business Planning Workshops throughout BC on behalf of the Ministry. Over 300 businesses have now moved through these workshops, with many now collaborating with one another to build and grow the local BC Agriculture industry.


Rita and her team run four divisions now within Partners for Growth: Growth (business plans, strategy and funding packages), Financial Modeling (costing, projections and investor models), Books (bookkeeping: organizing, set up and maintenance) and Education (speaking engagements, workshops and courses). They absolutely love empowering Entrepreneurs and watching them succeed! Despite their initial misgivings, Rita often manages to convince her clients that Finance is Fun!”