Partners for Growth provides structured financial solutions for growing companies. We bring over 20 years of lending experience (from both traditional and non-traditional financial institutions) and have structured finance solutions for hundreds of companies from start up to succession.

Our complete lending package has been vetted by lenders and encompasses all they will require. We are your unbiased, veteran lender of choice that works only for your best interest. 

Financing at the right time, with the right structure, with the right lenders (traditional and non-traditional) is critical to growing businesses.

Partners for Growth will complete finance packages for the following: growth (either organic or acquisition), management buy-outs, debt re-financing, acquisitions and mergers.

Partners for Growth can support business growth with the following services:

   •  Holistic Financial Health Assessments and Reviews

   •  PFG Business Finance Training: 
Business Finance essentials to build and grow your business Strategically and Successfully
Workshops, Seminars and One-on-One Financial Training
   •  Coaching and Consulting Services

   •  Develop strategic and sustainable business plans

   •  Prepare finance packages for Lenders
   •  Recommendations for Key Strategic Partners
   •  Speaking engagements

Partners for Growth
has a unique and streamlined approach to assessing financial health and helping Entrepreneurs grow with key strategic partners.


The discovery session gives our consultants the ability to understand their growing concerns.  The key concerns that we are able to identify quickly are issues with working capital, cash flow, debt management, human resources, operations, and efficiencies. Many of our clients have grown quickly and have only had time to react to growth instead of planning for growth.

Many of the business owners we work with  understand the limitations within their companies. They are only too happy to hire the experts at Partners for Growth  to build a strategic growth plan for their company beginning with a strong foundation of finance.

The discovery session will address expectations, financial goals and objectives, non-disclosure agreements and fees. Once this process has been completed a detailed Consulting Services Agreement will be provided regarding your business.


The business assessment package is specifically tailored to each lender. The package provides at a minimum:

  • Executive summary
  • Credit Facility purpose, understanding and support
  • Business financials – analysis, risk and mitigation
  • Thorough review of every part of the business, including risk and mitigation
  • Timeline for Future Growth
  • Negotiation with the Lenders and Client