Clients We Have Helped

We have successfully helped clients reach their financial objectives and growth plans over the past 12+ years. Some examples of how we have helped clients are listed below:

  • Transitioned a long-standing food processing company to a new lender when their existing lender called their loan. There were many hurdles to move past: risk mitigation, coaching and a solid strategic plan for growth. PFG helped establish new Partnerships to mitigate risk, built out a  strong business package and brought in a strong Lending Partner to complete the full transition without impacting the company’s daily working capital.
  • Supported a start-up food/beverage company to build out a strong business package for financing. The client went through training, risk mitigation, coaching and empowerment. Several new Partners were brought in to mitigate risk and build out a growth strategy. A new lender was  brought in to successfully finance the start-up.
  • Supported a client to buy-out his business partner in a martial arts company. The client went through several months of training, risk mitigation, coaching and empowerment. Several new Partners were brought in to mitigate risk and build out a growth strategy.We completed a business package that successfully brought in two new lenders to complete the buy-out.
  • Assisted a client in Alberta to purchase a trucking business. We worked through risk mitigation, building a business package and brought in three new lenders to successfully purchase the business.
  • Assisted a food manufacturing client with two new lenders to purchase a new production building.
  • Assisted a plastic manufacturing client, who was growing rapidly, by providing working capital through a combination of traditional and non-traditional lenders.
  • Transitioned a wholesaler to a new lender that provided them with: an increased operating line for working capital and long term debt for capital expenditures. The new financing allowed them to expand globally. They are now the third largest provider globally.
  • Assisted a service company to purchase a competitor, through acquisition financing, using a combination of short and long term debt.
  • Transitioned an expanding technology company to a new lender that  provided them with much needed working capital for growth and financing for a building purchase.
  • We helped a manufacturing company help work through their succession plan to the eventual sale of the company. We provided the right lending partners that allowed for a finance structure that provided financing for the buyer through a combination of vendor take-back, senior debt and subordinated debt.
  • Transitioned a manufacturing client to a new lender to provide contract specific finance that allowed them to expand globally.
  • Assisted an Autobody shop with financial assessment and understanding for an acquisition of a competitor.
  • Assisted Not for profit organizations by providing assessments for business plans and financial statement understanding.
  • Developed and delivered 100+ workshops and seminars on: Understanding Finance for Business and How to get Financing